Thank you for your interest in Norplex, Inc. and our Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing.

Here at Norplex, Inc. we specialize in the manufacture and delivery of plastic bags and plastic netting.

The team at Norplex, Inc. takes pride in all of our business partnerships.  We do production runs for large, national corporations, as well as, accommodate and cater to our smaller, local distributors.  At Norplex, Inc. we supply each of our dealers with quality products and custom solutions to meet the needs of the demanding projects of our customers.

Norplex, Inc. services all classes of trade through different means of distribution.

  • Private Labeling
  • Custom Packaging
  • Direct to your warehouse or distribution center via LTL or T/L shipments
  • Direct ship via UPS to a single location
  • Distribution through your primary grocery or c-store supplier

Our many years of experience and wide array of products enable us to help you with your plastic bag or plastic netting product selection. Whether you have National or Regional Distribution, we can provide a solution designed specifically for you.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help improve your bottom line by providing you with safe and trustworthy products that your customers will appreciate.



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