Shrink Bundling Film


Shrink Bundling Film combines production efficiency with maximum shelf impact with custom printing. The Polyethylene Shrink Wrap Film is designed to contain and protect your product while still allowing consumers to visualize what’s inside the package. Printed Shrink Bundling film is another great opportunity to advertise your product on the shelf.

Norplex’s Shrink Bundling Film will provide a convenient way to transport and bundling heavy items such as cases of waters, sodas, cans and unitizing other items. Most often Shrink Bundling Film is found on items packaged at wholesale, club, grocery and retail outlets.

C-Folded Sheeting

C-Fold Sheeting is sheeting that is folded in half and wound up on a roll. It is measured width (in inches) x length (in feet). For example 12″ x 100′ C-Fold Sheeting will open up to a sheet that is 24″ x 100′ Sheeting This can also be ordered as POR C-Fold Sheets (measured width in inches by length in inches).

Form, Fill, and Seal

Our form fill seal packaging solutions include packaging for powder, foods, soups, lotions, rice, beans, coffee, candies, nuts, potting soils and even liquids; from water, ink to juice. We offer a variety of dispensing fitments for all dispensing needs.

Pallet Covers

Polyethylene Pallet Covers are used to cover materials on a pallet. These Poly Gusseted Pallet Covers are perfect for light/medium/heavy duty usage. Pleated sides expand to the width of standard pallet; industrial strength polyethylene offers inexpensive protection.

Single wound Sheeting

Single Wound Sheeting (SWS) also known as Flat Film is a lay flat polyethylene tubing slit on both sides, creating 2 sheets on top of each other and wound separately. Wide range of applications designed for use with machine fed packaging. They can be custom made to your size specifications, produced with your choice of high-quality material and printing options.